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Key Chain


Key chain, also known as key clip, key ring, key holder, key hook, etc. The material of making key chain is metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, etc.

The key chain is a kind of ornament hanging on the key ring. Exquisite and compact key to choose with their favorite key chain, not only can reflect the personal mood and personality, but also can show their own taste, but also bring their own happy mood.


Product Features:

The key chain has various shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model and even CPU. The materials are generally made of copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., and the main antirust elements are nickel plating or rhodium on the surface of zinc alloy. The key chain has become a small gift for friends family.


Product Parameters:

Zinc alloy is also one of the metal with strong flexible. The surface of zinc alloy is generally treated by dropping, paint baking or plating to make the product more beautiful. Finishing treatment process: polishing, paint (baking), soft enamel, printing, spraying, sandblasting, plating.


The key chain can be made according to the customer's requirements in different shapes, sizes and specifications. It can print compay logo and cartoon shapes. The surface can be 2D, 3D,  transparent and translucent; fluorescent powder can be added to make it glittering. The shape is beautiful and elegant, small and exquisite; the patterns are diverse, including heart-shaped, Christmas tree, butterfly, and cartoons, animal shapes... lovely, beautiful.


Application and After-Sales Service:


Key chain is widely used in home decoration, suitable for enterprise promotion, product promotion and other industries. This product has a strong 3D effect, bright color, good hand feeling, good visual effect, good decoration and advertising effect. It is a fashionable decoration and is loved by young men and girls.

Mircopins provides one-stop service and is a manufacturer of Arts and crafts gifts products integrating design, mold opening and production. The plant site is located in Suzhou, close to Shanghai, with convenient transportation. The factory has a high-quality production and management team, with "professional heart, do professional things" as the code of conduct, we adhere to the "Seiko, fast, high-quality service" business philosophy. We warmly welcome customers visit. Inquiry or make samples, we feedack to you in 1 hours.

A complete metal key chain design, production details are as follows:

1: Product design pictures or Sample

2: Product size, thickness and material

3: Plating color

4: Provide color number (CMYK) or Pantone color number

5: Product production quantity and requirements, etc


Main process: die casting, casting, bite plate (etching), stamping, soft enamel (imitation enamel), baking paint. Screen printing, glue dropping, polishing, electroplating, etc.

The most common packaging method of key chain is cardboard as the bottom and hard plastic as the cover to close the key chain.

The bottom plate can be hollowed out for easy hanging on the display shelf.


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