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A badge is a special symbol used to express identity, occupation, honor or to commemorate something. It is generally divided into national emblem, occupation badge (such as military emblem, school emblem, hat emblem, etc.), commemorative badge (such as badge for tourist attractions, various activities, commemorative badge for various characters.), gift badge (generally made of high-grade materials), and craft badge (such as zodiac, flower, animal, etc.);   In different historical periods, badges have different contents and forms, and their functions and functions are also different. However, they are the reflection of social culture and social consciousness in a certain period of time, and the epitome of social politics, economy and culture in a certain period.


Product Features:

The badge product itself is a kind of symbol. The uniform badge of various countries in modern times is related to its own culture and art, bearing history and beauty. The badge has the characteristics of culture, design and craft at the same time. For example, the motto of the US Military Academy at West Point is "responsibility, honor and country", and these three phrases are condensed into the form of uniform and various badges worn by soldiers.

Mircopins company manufactured badges showing natural surface, beautiful pattern, uniform paint baking, electroplating luster, excellent adhesion, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Design modeling, aesthetic principles, process methods, production process are strictly controlled to ensure that every perfect product output.

Product Parameters:

The process of the badge is as below:

The badge are mainly made by,gold, silver,copper,bronze, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, Tin alloy and other raw materials through stamping, die casting, etching, printing, hard enamel, soft enamel, baking paint and other processes.

Each process has a different production process. Take stamping badge as an example,Stamping badge is a kind of high-grade badge which is made of metal material by metal die stamping and other kinds of badge making technology, which is also called stamping badge or metal die stamping badge..

Stamping badges are mainly made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, gold, alloy and other commonly used materials. The main shapes are rectangle, square, round, ellipse and special shape. In recent years, the main trend is to punch the round badge.

Stamping badge process.

The design Badge - Make mold - Pressing - Stamping - Polishing - Welding accessories on the back of the badge - Electroplating - Coloring - Packaging.

Because it can better interpret the country, enterprise, group, strategy and brand image, stamping badge is widely loved.

Application and After-Sales Service:

In the first century B.C., Caesar, commander in chief of ancient Rome, made the first batch of badges with precious metal, which were awarded as honorary rewards by the emperor to his soldiers.

In modern times, the badge became popular , becoming the general organization logo and it is worn by ordinary people. Now, as a symbol of various countries, and the emblem as a reward function has also evolved into various kinds of badges, while the badge as the original identification function is retained in the party badge, military badge, school badge factory badge, etc. In addition, modern badges have a more function, that is, commemorative function. The appearance of various commemorative badges is the embodiment of this function.

Mircopins has advanced equipment, mature technology, skilled workers, professional designers, flexible marketing personnel, to serve the global customers, can make a quick response in the shortest 2 hours, and provide quotation and design, the fastest service. Samples will be sent out within one week, large goods will be delivered within two weeks, and the goods will be delivered to customers by air in the third week, and lifelong service will be provided.

Package and Accessories:

1. Safety accessories: Safety pins

Safety pins are mainly used to make larger badges, which have the advantage of being more firm than horse piercing needles and butterfly buttons.The safety pin is a long strip, which is fixed on the back of the badge by soldering, and the electroplating effect is changed according to the badge design.

2. Comfortable accessories: Bayonet

Pricking needle is one of the common badge accessories, which can be used together with other badge accessories such as butterfly hat, butterfly button and high card.Different types of pins can be used for different purposes, including 8mm (commonly used), 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, etc,

3. Beautiful accessories: Butterfly Button Butterfly button is used together with the pricking needle. It is called butterfly button because it looks like a butterfly with wings opened. It can fix the badge by clamping the pricking needle, and the electroplating effect can be changed according to the badge design.

4. Convenient accessories: Butterfly Button Butterfly hat and butterfly button are used to fix the pin. The butterfly cap is made of environmental plastic or rubber, which will not cause damage to the skin. The common butterfly hat is available in two colors, black and yellow.



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