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A Insignia is a medal of honor awarded to individuals or groups by the government, royal family or international organizations. The purpose of the insignia is to praise and highlight the contributions of the person to society, nation, country and mankind, including sports, military, scientific, academic or other major and special feats or achievements. It is a symbol of honor for those who are honored.

Product Features:

In many countries of the world, the organization that confers insignia is the government, and the recipients are mostly civil and military personnel. However, the status of the decorated people varies according to the reward system of various countries. Strictly speaking, the style and recipients of insignia are mostly military personnel. In addition, the law will clearly stipulate the status of the decorated person, what kind of meritorious service can be awarded the medal and the way of award, as well as the grade, meaning, specification, style, front and back patterns of the medal, as well as the order and position of wearing it. In some countries, it is more clear that those who have been awarded certain medals may enjoy certain privileges.

Product Parameters:

Take the following friendship medal as an example, first of all, die-casting process, with enamel coloring in addition to color, and large-scale use of filigree inlay technology. The body of the chapter adopts peace dove, earth, handshake, lotus and other elements, while the outer ring is a complex pile of silk. It looks magnificent.




Application and After-Sales Service:

Insignia originated in Europe. Modern insignia,badge, medal originated from the Knights' insignia.  Distinguish them from each other by the unique marks painted on the shield, flag and war robe. Later, these symbols gradually evolved into the symbol of honor. Some insignia will be divided into different grades, usually in terms of materials, shapes and accessories. The higher the level, the more exquisite the design and the more generous the materials The richer the ornaments are, the more they can be worn to highlight the honor of the winner.

If you want to know more about the decoration technology, please contact Mircopins, we will provide efficient and satisfactory service.

The production process of insignia as follows: design drawings - making mold - material selection - die-casting - filling and coloring - electroplating treatment - accessories installation - packaging and shipping.

Use of computer for medal design has replaced the early manual way, design is more exquisite and diverse. As the saying goes, there are no patterns that you can't think of. However, there are different requirements for design because of the different manufacturing process.

The process is often different. For example, you want to design an enamel insignia medal badge pins, but if you design the color very complex and there is a gradient color, then you can only choose the printing process. The more common medal printing process includes plate printing, silk screen printing, offset printing, etc. when designing we should fully consider the characteristics of different processes, what kind of design, which can not only save a lot of production cost, but also make a satisfactory products. In addition, we should pay attention to some lines when designing insignia, or medals, badges,Pins.


It can't be too fine, because in actual medal making, it is often impossible to fill colors because the lines are too narrow. At the same time, these lines should be made into metallic color during the design.


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