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Game Token


There are two kinds of game coins, one is real, the other is virtual. Real game coin: it is suitable for the electronic game machine in the video game hall, equivalent to currency. It is usually made of metal, similar in size and shape to 1 USD coin. When you use it, you insert it into the currency slot of the game machine and trigger the start button to start a game or party bag prize.

Product Features:

Game tokens are Small, exquisite, durable and reusable, they can be used as an interesting party game, no matter what your theme or occasion, as an impressive theme party bag prize. For you, for example, bury them in a sandbox with pirate themed accessories, so that children can dig out their buried treasures. These game tokens must be a great pleasure in any ostentatious carnival.


Product Parameters:

There are mainly three kinds of game token Technology:

1. Bimetallic process. Two kinds of metal blank cakes were made in advance, and finally they were molded by one-time die-casting. The metal was extruded into each other, and the effect of front and back of token face was the same.

2. Local gold plating process. The green cake can be plated with color before the casting of the finished product, or the colour can be plated at the required position by the local coating technology after the casting of the finished product is completed.

3. Color printing process, printing on the basis of stamping.


Application and After-Sales Service:

Game currency is mainly used in the field of games. Our various game coin products are mainly made of zinc alloy, which is fine electroplated, beautiful and exquisite. Zinc means it can be fully detected with a metal detector, and don't worry about not reacting when you put money. At the same time, it can also be used as stage props, center decoration, party decoration, Halloween decoration, baby, perfect gift for your children. They can also be given to children as tickets, game rewards, or pretend to play

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, we believe you will fall in love with our products. If you are not satisfied with your game token, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We will deal with it immediately to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied!


To turn a piece of metal into a coin with patterns needs the help of a mold, and there are two molds on the front and the back. Because the effect of forces in physics is mutual, that is, the forces are equal and the direction is opposite. The actual operation method is to fix one mold and put the blank cake on it, and punch it with another mold which can move up and down, so that the two sides of the blank cake can be embossed with patterns under the effect of mutual force.


With the progress of technology, engraving machine, electroplating, computer aided design and other equipment are widely used in mold making, and the efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved. The coinage machine is an accurate and efficient equipment system, which integrates imprinting and automatic transmission. It can place the blank cake accurately at a very fast speed, and the stamping can be completed in an instant. Therefore, there are hundreds of coins pouring out every minute.

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