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Belt buckle


The belt buckle is also known as the belt head or belt buckle head. The belt buckle is a hardware fitting at the front end of the belt. A vise used to decorate and secure the entire belt and two loose ends. One end is fixed on the lock catch, and the other end is fixed in a safe but adjustable way by the lock. Belt buckle can be divided into: needle buckle belt, plate buckle belt, automatic buckle belt, clip buckle belt. 


Product Features

The belt buckle common materials are metal and plastic. Metals materials are divided into: copper, iron, alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum, steel, the mirror part is a kind of resin, made by grinding process.

The manufacturing of belt buckle mainly uses stamping, die casting and electroplating process. The process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals by electrolysis is a process of attaching a layer of metal film to the surface of metal or other material products by electrolysis, so as to prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective property and enhance beauty.

Basic electroplating colors: gold, silver, bright, matte, coffee, bronze, gun, black,.

Product Parameters

Introduction of belt material

The most commonly used material for belt buckle is zinc alloy, which is melted by injection molding machine and then molded by die casting, and then processed by various polishing and electroplating processes. In addition to zinc alloy, some of them use copper as raw material. Copper buckle can obtain better gloss, handle and durability after post-treatment, but the cost is relatively higher. Secondly, the proportion of using stainless steel as raw material is also increasing, high-grade stainless steel has a very high-grade texture. In addition, some use tin alloy or iron as raw materials, but because the texture is not good and the surface treatment is not ideal, it is often used in low-grade products.


Application and After-Sales Service:

Everyone needs a belt, and each belt needs a favorite belt buckle. Mircopins can customize your favorite belt buckle according to the customer's design. We believe that our professional service will provide the industrial design and market service like apple iphone products, and make perfect products in the design and production stage, at the same time, we will accompany you with the whole process with assured service quality. Pursuit of excellence, perfect service.

Surface treatment of belt buckle:

Polishing: after forming, there are usually many sharp edges and corners, and the surface is relatively rough. Therefore, polishing is a very important link.

Electroplating: after polishing, it is electroplated. Generally, in addition to stainless steel buckle, the surface of button head we see is electroplated layer, so it is difficult to see the material itself. The quality of electroplating directly determines the gloss and aesthetic feeling of a button. The surface of a high-grade product should be bright, smooth and spotless

Strong luster and good handle. Hanging plating must be used, one by one. There are many kinds of electroplating colors. The most common ones are chrome, gun, gold, rattan, bronze, etc. bronze is also called bronze and imitation. It has a feeling of artificial dilapidation, which is more suitable for matching jeans or some casual and alternative clothes.


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