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Commemorative Coin


A commemorative coin is a legal tender issued by a country to commemorate international or national political, historical, cultural, and other major events, outstanding people, places of interest, rare animals and plants, sports events, and so on. It includes ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins.

Ordinary commemorative coins can be circulated, but precious metal commemorative coins cannot be circulated. Commemorative coins are usually issued to commemorate the country's major political and historical events, traditional culture, and other things of special significance.


Product Features:

Ordinary commemorative coins are made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, two-color copper alloy, copper-zinc alloy, copper-nickel alloy, steel core nickel plating, brass alloy, gold and silver inlay, and red copper alloy. Ordinary commemorative coins are mainly designed and cast for the theme of major events, festivals, memorial days, and rare animals at home and abroad. It is a legal tender issued by the state that can circulate but has commemorative significance.

Precious metal commemorative coins include gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, palladium coins, and other precious metals or their alloys. They have a wide range of subjects, exquisite workmanship, and strong ornamental value. Most of them are issued in sets. There are also round coins, square coins, color coins, and fan-shaped coins. The issue price of these coins is usually dozens or hundreds of times of their face value. Therefore, the denomination is only a symbolic currency symbol and does not indicate its real value. Therefore, it cannot be circulated. Its denomination is not recorded in the market cash flow.

As a special commodity as a general equivalent, the commemorative coin has a higher collection, value preservation, and investment value.

Product Parameters:

Commemorative coins are usually made of steel zinc, copper-nickel, nickel-plated steel core, brass alloy, red copper, etc., which are processed by fusion of other processes.

For example, the following Disney cartoon commemorative coin integrates the optimistic, brave, kind-hearted, and honest Disney classic cartoon images into metal special materials, including embossing, color printing, mirror treatment, sand surface treatment, and other casting techniques, presenting a perfect artistic charm. The composition is like water, the shape is exquisite, the expression is vivid, and the texture is vivid and moving The details are full of distinct and unique artistic temperament, full of children's interest, so people can't put it down.


Product Specifications

Coins Facility: Disney

Denomination:$10 USD

Date: Varies






Edge: Reeded

Obverse: Various

Reverse: Various



Application and After-Sales Service:

The application scope of commemorative coins is related to the theme: politics, military affairs, history, science and technology, sports, animals, plants, people, historical sites, cultural relics, folk customs, etc. As a special commodity as a general equivalent, the commemorative coin has a higher collection, value preservation, and investment value.


Mircopins company adheres to the business philosophy of "rigorous, pragmatic, unity and innovation", and applies exquisite technology to manufacture high-quality and novel metal commemorative coins. With diversification, serialization, and high-quality products as the guiding principle, we keep up with the trend of the times, constantly develop and innovate in the subject matter, technology, and material of products, and actively produce good products with collection and investment value for customers.


The production process of the commemorative coin usually includes the following steps:

1. Design draft, submitted for approval, and approved.

2. Select and determine the material.

3. Put the strip into the punch to punch out the required blank cake, and then clean the surface with acid liquid.

4. Engraving mold is to carve the designed patterns and characters on the steel mold for turning the working die.

5. Embossing, also known as printing, uses the working die to imprint (CAST) the pattern text on the blank coin materials.

6. Electroplating, coloring, and packaging.


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