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Dog Tag


No matter in the early 《field platoon》or in 《Saving Private Ryan》, 《Black Hawk falling》, and 《company of brothers》, we can see two bright metal cards hanging around the soldiers' necks. That is, the standard individual equipment that is listed in the equipment sequence of the U.S. military officers and soldiers - the soldier identity card. It is commonly known as "dog tag", English name is "Military Dog Tag", official name is "identity card". "Dog tag" is mainly used to prove the identity of soldiers and record military information. "Dog tag" is a common name for military identification card. In modern society, dog tag is gradually used as a pet identification card! Keeping cats and dogs is a hobby of many people, but once a pet is lost, it will be troublesome. If you lose money, the owner will not think about it, and life will be in chaos. Dog tag can help lost pets get back on their way home.


Product Features:

The main difference is in the content and production process. The inscriptions on the ID card have always been machine pressed. In the past, most of the inscriptions were stamped by intaglio, but now many of them are made by relief stamping. At the same time, the photoetching method is more economical than stamping.


Product Parameters:

The process parameters of two kinds of copper dog tags process as follows:

1. Baking process of copper dog brand

Product details: Copper Dog Tag

Process: baking paint into color

Electroplating: Nickel

Size: 50 * 30MM

Material thickness 1.5mm


2. Goupai copper corrosion process

Product details: Copper Dog Tag

Process method: corrosion process

Electroplating: Nickel

Size: 50 * 28mm

Material thickness 1.5mm





Application and After-Sales Service:

Mircopins dog tags customization services, OEM, ODM flexible production mode, mircopins provides the best quality and fast intimate service from design to production and shipment, so that customers can rest assured and comfortable!

Generally, customers will provide relevant packaging methods and packaging requirements. Most of the packaging forms are as follows:

Category: hanging tag   Form: hanging decoration

Material: zinc alloy     Applicable scene: Home

Production method: manual plus mechanical    Model: 2020

Specification: 50 * 27 * 2mm     Trademark: customized

Packaging: PP bag independent packaging  

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