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Bottle Opener


Bottle opener, also alled as church key or churchkey. It is a tool for opening beer and beverage caps. There are ordinary plastic bottle opener, knife bottle opener, European bottle opener, T-shaped bottle opener, wall hanging bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc. Some openners is also preserved as an art collection. In Barolo, Italy, there is a museum of bottle openers. This bottle opener Museum has a collection of 500 bottle openers from all over the world since the 18th century.

Product Features:

The classification by material and shape is as follows:

According to materials: Stainless Steel Beer Opener, plastic + stainless steel Beer Opener, aluminum alloy beer bottle opener, etc

According to the shape: racket type, rabbit type, bank card type, golden girl type, "OK" type beer bottle opener.


Product Parameters:


The general operating principle of bottle opener is the second kind of lever: the distal end of the bottle opener is located on the top of the bottle cap as the fulcrum, the resistance point is located at the edge of the bottle cap, and then the force is applied upward to lift the bottle cap, which is mainly used to open the cap of soda or beer. However, bottle openers can also be used as the first type of lever. At this time, the far end of the bottle opener is located at the edge of the bottle cap instead of the top, which requires downward force to lift the cap. In this case, although the force arm is shorter, it is easier for people to apply force downward.

There are various design styles of bottle openers, such as the triangle head bottle opener, the speed opener, and the wall hanging bottle opener.

Application and After-Sales Service:


In addition to family use, bottle opener is also the best choice of small gifts and gifts for companies, enterprises and units. Mircopins has a professional design team to communicate with you about product details at any time, manufacture products that satisfy customers and deliver them to you at the first time!


The bottle opener is mainly produced by die casting and stamping process, as follows:

1. Mould manufacturing

The correct selection of process parameters is the decisive factor to obtain high-quality castings, and the mold is the premise to correctly select and adjust the process parameters. Mold design is essentially a comprehensive reflection of various factors that may appear in product production. In mold design, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the structure of the die and casting, be familiar with the operation process of the machine, understand the possibility of adjusting the machine and process parameters, master the filling characteristics under different conditions, and consider the mold processing method, drilling and fixed form, then the mold that is practical and meets the production requirements can be designed.

2. Die casting process

Die casting, referred to as die casting, is a casting method in which molten alloy liquid is poured into the pressure chamber to fill the cavity of steel mold at high speed and solidify the alloy liquid under pressure. The main characteristics of die casting which are different from other casting methods are high pressure and high speed. Liquid metal is filled in the cavity under pressure, and crystallizes and solidifies under higher pressure. The common pressure is 15-100mpa. The filling time of liquid metal is very short, which is about 0.01-0.2 seconds (depending on the size of the casting).   

3. Stamping process

The stamping process can be divided into separation process and forming process (including bending, drawing and forming). The separation process is to separate the stamping part and the blank along a certain contour line in the stamping process, and the quality of the separated section of the stamping part must meet certain requirements; the forming process is to make the stamping blank plastic deformation under the condition of no damage, and transform it into the required finished product shape, and also meet the requirements of dimensional tolerance and other aspects. According to the stamping temperature, there are cold stamping and hot stamping. This depends on the strength, plasticity, thickness, deformation degree and equipment capacity of the material, and the original heat treatment state and final service condition of the material should be considered. Through the machine pressure, the upper and lower die extrudes the plate between the dies, and reaches a certain pressure, and the mold pattern is deeply engraved on the plate.


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