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Medals are certificates issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. In sports competitions, there are gold, silver and bronze medals corresponding to the first, second and third places respectively.

A medal normall with a ribbon,Material: nylon or polyester. It is a sling or sling used to hang a medal. It is also called "medal sling".Standard width reference: 10mm; 13mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 38mm;

The ribbon can be designed and manufactured according to different requirements, and can be printed with logo or various patterns.


Product Features:

According to different shapes, it can be divided into: medals, medals plates. Common medals. Materials: Made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, stone and wood are also used.Resin, organic, or even a combination of several.

According to the different materials, It can be divided into: bronze medas, aluminum medal, screen printing medal, stainless steel medal, titanium gold medal, sand gold medal, heap gold medal, gold plating medal.

According to different uses, medals can be divided into: advanced individual medal, advanced collective medal, authorized medal, franchise medal and members medal.

Product Parameters:

Different medals are made with different techniques. We take Olympic medals as an example. The International Olympic Committee has strict regulations on the material, identification, weight, size and pattern of Olympic medals. The medals of the Olympic champion and runner up are made of pure silver, and the champion's medal is plated with no less than 6 grams of pure gold.

The medals of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are made by stamping and electroplating proccess, with a diameter of 70 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. On the obverse of the medal is the uniform pattern stipulated by the International Olympic Committee -- the Greek goddess of victory standing with wings and the arena of panacinako in Greece. The back of the medal is inlaid with jade shaped from ancient Chinese dragon pattern. The metal figure in the middle of the back is engraved with the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games. The medal hook evolved from the traditional Chinese jade double dragon Pu Wen Huang. The whole medal is noble and elegant with rich Chinese characteristics, which not only reflects the praise of the winner, but also vividly interprets the Chinese nation's value of "jade" over "Virtue" since ancient times. It is another "combination of Chinese civilization and Olympic spirit" in the image landscape project of Beijing Olympic Games

Application and After-Sales Service:

Medals are widely used in the country, the Olympic Games, enterprises and institutions, schools, factories, associations, groups and companies. They should be used together with awards. No one doubts that the Olympic rings medal is the most popular medal in the world, and its symbolic significance is very cordial and clear to anyone. The significance of Olympic medals: spreading Olympic spirit, friendship, peace, personal achievement, honor, and proof of ability! Display of humanistic quality and national charm.

At the same time, as gifts of animation, toys, games and various activities, medals are also very popular with customers and are the most common means of promotion. A medal can give you a memory of a beautiful moment.

Mircopins company can produce all kinds of medals, and with exquisite technology, excellent quality, competitive price, deeply loved by customers, we provide the best service for you to make the most perfect products, choose Mircopins, will never let you down!

Cloisonne pins begin with the same basic steps as the embossed or soft Enamel Lapel Pins.

We first make a custom mold and then punch your design impression into sheet metal or strip. This process is called "die".

Then we use a punch to separate the impression from the base metal.

The workpiece is rolled to remove the burr and quickly polished by hand to ensure the good adhesion of Cloisonne filler.

The molded needle piece is then placed on a thin sheet and the recess is filled with powdered glass enamel over the height of the metal.

Each color is filled separately and fired in a 1700 degree

Once cured, the needle is hand polished on a wet grindstone until the paint is flush with the metal.

The next color is then added and the firing, curing and hand polishing processes are repeated until all colors are added.

Once fully colored, the pins are plated, packaged and shipped!

This labor-intensive process, one by one, adds color and hand polish what gives each Cloisonne needle a hard, glossy finish that mimics gem tones.

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