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Lapel Pin


Lapel pin, also known as brooch, is a kind of jewelry that is pinned on clothes with hooks, and can also be regarded as decorative pins. It is generally of metal texture, inlaid with gems, enamel, etc. It can be used as pure decoration or fixed clothes (such as robes, cloaks, scarves, etc.).

The universality and category of lapel pins accessories are closely related to clothing. Jewelry and clothing are often used together to make people feel the beauty of harmony. In accessories, there are many kinds of broochs and various styles, which provide a good choice for the collocation of various kinds of clothing.


Product Features:

Lapel pins is characterized by its unique and eye-catching position. In order to coordinate with other jewelry, brooch is often worn together with other jewelry as a set. Brooch is often made into three sets of jewelry together with rings and necklaces, and four sets of jewelry can be made together with earrings, rings and necklaces. These jewelry are made of exquisite materials and bright colors. They can be used in specific occasions, such as weddings and banquets, and can also be worn individually in informal occasions.

According to the habits of modern European and American people, the pins can be worn not only in front of the chest, but also in the armband and belt. In order to show special charm, it can also be worn on the cuff of a coat or even on the foot of a skirt. Wearing pins should not be greedy. When wearing naive clothes, it is most practical to use rare and small brooches. Only on simple clothes, it is best to use large pins

Product Parameters:

The customized lapel pins are generally used for large-scale activities, schools and brands. The artistry of pin is self-evident. The pin with good workmanship is not only used as gifts and decorations, but also reflects the value of the brand and is an important means of brand publicity. At present, pins technology mainly includes die-casting, stamping, epoxy, paint, imitation enamel, etc. The color can be any Pantone color number, the most accessories are butterfly buttons, and there are also long and short pins, screws, magnetic suction and other design.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Tips for lapel pins wearing:

1. The pin is not only pinned on one side of the chest, but also can be buttoned on the side of the collar, which looks elegant and romantic.

2. If it is buttoned on the chest, you can try to buckle a few small broochs together irregularly to create a lively feeling.

3. It's also a good idea to put pins on a scarf. You can try to buckle the pins at the two ends of the joint, which can not only decorate the pure scarf, but also play a role in fixing the scarf.

4. It's also refreshing to have a little lapel pin pinned to your pocket, or a pin on the side of your jeans.

5. A chic pins on the hat, can also create a distinctive effect, let you show more elegant noble temperament, unconventional.

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Most pins are made by enamel technology. Combined with stamping and die casting, electroplating process makes exquisite products. For below sample: Ten slightly sunken petals surround the full enamel bead flower core. The petals are also 30 degrees inclined. Each petal is wrapped in alloy and firmly fixed on the base. Below are three frosted white enamel leaves embedded with a white enamel bud and leaf Clear vein, three-dimensional modeling.


The flower language of daisy is innocence, peace, hope, pure beauty and love from the bottom of heart.


Whatever it's flower language or craft modeling, this one is worth collecting.


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